Toddler Room

(2 - 3 years old)

Wishing Well Nursery Toddler Room

Toddlers As your child grows from a baby to a toddler, you will notice that they become more independent, very inquisitive and need much more space to explore. In the Toddler Room they are given this in a bright and stimulating environment. The emphasis in the Toddler Room is on learning through play. The room is set up with easy access to messy play, home corner, story area, mark making area etc. The children also have access to educational toys, construction toys, jigsaws and games appropriate for their age group. All of the toys provided for them have been carefully chosen to give them the chance to play, learn and grown in a safe and secure environment.

At Wishing Well, we have a basic structure for each day, which will help your child feel secure and confident within a familiar routine, which is rich in opportunities. The nursery staff will plan a wide variety of activities, which can be adapted to individual children's needs/stages of development.

Outdoor play is an important part of children’s learning and we make great use of our outdoor space. We have full water proof suits and wellies so that children can gain from new experiences.

We aim to assist and encourage your child to reach his/her full potential, as all the staff in the Toddler Room are qualified and have experience with this age group. 

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