Pre - School

Wishing Well Nursery Pre-School Room

Our Pre-School Room is for children aged between 3 and 5 years, where we offer an excellent staff to child ratio of 1:7. Children over the age of 3 are entitled to free government funded sessions; qualification for these sessions is based upon individual’s dates of birth and funding at the nursery is provided by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

In the Pre-School Room the children build on the foundation laid in the toddler room, we aim to give the children choices to enable them to become independent decision makers and responsible for their own actions. Whilst finding a fine balance, we also, through observation of children at play, carefully plan activities to suit the needs of each child, respecting each child's stage of development and encouraging them to work at their own pace.

The staff plan the activities around a certain topic which links into the foundation stage curriculum and the Early Learning Goals, ensuring that over a period of 12 months every aspect of learning has been covered.

Each activity is adapted to meet children's individual needs and abilities and closely evaluated to assess whether it has adequately covered the desired aspect of learning. All the activities are documented and are available for parents to see at their request.

We encourage a high level of partnership with parents/carers, to ensure children are able to get the most of their nursery experiences. We will hand out a monthly information sheet to inform you of our topics and special events that we will be celebrating with your child, so that you are able to contribute to the children's learning experiences. During their time with us, each child will be allocated a Keyworker, who will have the responsibility of keeping records of his/her development. They will work closely with your child and get to know them very well. The Keyworker will be available to you for support, advice and for you to discuss your child's progress.

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